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[Staff Diary] 2010.01.12 – Gloria Mugs at the workplace!!~

January 16, 2010 Leave a comment

At the workplace!!

Doga~~tto –> SFX
Original.Mug has arrived!

Good day, everyone!
It’s the staff.
Today, the opening sentence is somewhat different,
how’s everyone doing?

Today, DO~N
delivered the mugs to the workplace,
and this is the report! Read more…


[YUI Staff Diary] 2010.01.11 – CD Sample

January 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Everyone. Good day!!

It’s really [Cold].
Is everyone all right!?


Well, today we’ll let everyone have a look at GLORIA CD Sample!

The entry postcard for Original.Mug is included properly in a well designed package!

We’ll be waiting for a lot of reply from the applicants.

Thank you for the comments on the airing of GLORIA! Next week is finally the release.

Looking forward to it excitedly.

By all means, please take good care of us again!

Also today is the Coming of Age Day.

To those who is finally an adult Congratulations!!

Please take care, This year lets give it our best too~

Well then.


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[Hisashi Kondo Diary] 2010.01.10 – sample for GLORIA CDs- a pleasantly cool sensation!!

January 16, 2010 Leave a comment

A pleasantly cool sensation!!

Today, the sample for GLORIA  arrived!!

Limited edition and regular edition!!

Icchi~  Thank you!!
It’s almost time eh!!

Which reminds me!!

My Dokutsubo blog post on 7th January,
the GLORIA /YUI report one,

Seems like people who are reading through their cellphones
have been saying that there are too many pages.

I’m sorry?

I don’t really know what’s the cause of it.

Even though everyone took the trouble to visit Dokutsubo.

I feel like printing out the pages and personally mail them to everyone…

Also, for the many message mails and New Year Greetings,
thank you very much!

And there were a lot of questions being asked as well.

I’ll just answer one of them quickly!!

☆Regarding the album release time frame Read more…