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[YUIsm] 02.17.10 Hisashi Kondo Blog Entry

Now, while YUI is practicing piano…

we have been carefully preparing work for a new song.

During which, we were shown how to drum using pencils as sticks.


Mini-Corner!? Interspersing

a little fun while working hard on the new song.

Afterwards, we tried some mysterious chocolate

that was bought for us.

That tabletop was busy.

For dinner, YUI-Style? Hakata Ramen….

Putting sesame in
with great zeal
is a usual scene.

The shop was pretty crowded, but (Hisashi typo, I think kondei –>konde)
YUI-san ordered a second serving
and we relaxed before returning.


Preparations for this new song and an album
are coming along well (carefully)

Regard some time line (for the album)
right now really I can’t say.
YUI is very focused on being conscientious
(not slacking, not being impatient) in doing this (her work)
so please look forward to this. (expect good things)


yoroshiku onegaishimasu (I’m never satisfied with English translations of this phrase, since we don’t have a comparable saying, so I’m leaving it in Japanese. It means “please take good care of me”, but is meant more as a polite phrase of greeting/departure)



About the title!! The lovable Icchi-san!!!
Inside everyone’s image of the time
just after the cold, when you’re not freezing anymore,
and the world becomes filled with the smiling faces of children…
Let me correct that for you!!

Icchi-san is really a well-dressed and dignified man!!
He never seemed to mind at all, but

From here on out, he will never wear shorts again.

We always rely on you!!! Dewa


Not terribly confident in this translation, but I think it’s pretty close. Any corrections would be much appreciated!

The Icchi and shorts bit has been going on for the last few days in the blog

Translations by: mrsean@yui-lover.com

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