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[Video] 02.14.10 SNSD ‘What it is’ @ MBC Lunar New Year Dance Battle!!!

Woohoo!!! At last, the most anticipating SNSD Dance Battle on Chinese New year has been uploaded already! Yay!!!

SNSD is soooo COOL looking!!!

Credit: prot0210

Thanks prot! You rock! \m/


Viewers, better watch it now before the owner will make this private, or much worse, can’t be viewed anymore due to copyrights claim thingy T.T…



~Author’s comment~

Woot! YoonA, HyoYeon, SeoHyun and SooYoung have showed the world and MBC viewers that they are not just this Korean Girl Group-doing only this cute and girly dance choreography-but they can pull off an awesome poppin’, lockin’ and awesome dance moves as well… But the only prob is, I felt that there is still missing in their choreography, I don’t know if the problem is me or what…I don’t know. But, I kinda prefer their previous dance battle choreographs. Remember the “circus” and “smooth criminal” dance battle Perfs? I still love to keep wathing/playing those, especially their moonwalk part, haha! But still, their Dance Battle Perf of “What It Is” is Jjang, cool and smexy, especially SeoHyun. Gosh! Our maknae sure knows now how to pull a fierce and seductive look O.O!

SSND delivered an awesome choreography and they are in sync which a plus, plus, plus *got SNSD bias there, LOL XD*

And that is what I called a real Dance Battle Performance-a real dance choreography! And not just those hips swaying, sexy wave moves or whatever sexy dance steps names they called them, keke XD

Listen to the beat of What it is and watch their every moves, I tell you they are in sync. ^___^

Ehehe, just a question though, where is YuRi?

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