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[YUIsm] 02.04.10 Hisashi Kondo dokutsubo; Rehearsal!

How To Eat Taiyaki

Theme: Diary

Today, band rehearsal
though it’s been a while.

It is fun to gather everyone together,

During the rehearsal, a supply of teriyaki snacks came in, and

those that starting eating from the head
those that started eating from the tail

we were able to separate.

I of course am…(?)

Up until now, I always thought
you naturally started at the head, but…

participating members
Bass – Backy
Guitar – Kuro-chan
KEY – Arisa
Drums -Mai Mai

A souvenir given to us by Icchi☆

A somewhat high-class box?

All heads of Human Resources
know what this is…

They say it is called the famous
“Zabieru” pastry (I’m thinking this is written on the packaging. Hisashi isn’t sure about this)

thank you for the food.

Perhaps if there are heads of Human Resources
that are Dokutsubo readers
You would know about “Zabieru”?

Please tell us about them.



We haven’t necessarily decided on a live show
Getting together for live rehearsal is important…like
Today was just such a rehearsal!!
Also, even though it has such a title
there is no picture of teriyaki. What do you think?

Translations by: mrsean@yui-lover.com

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