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SNSD ‘Oh!’ Comeback Stage Broadcasting Accident on Music Core

On SNSD’s very first performance of ‘Oh!’, a broadcasting accident has occurred which is bringing many fans complaints.

Back with their official second album, SNSD has revealed their very first stage through 30th’s ‘Show! Music Core’. Reaching the last moments of the stage, the screen was off for 1 to 2 seconds. Fans are posting up their complaints about the cast and crews’ mistake through ‘Music Core’ site’s message board.

On this day’s ‘Show! Music Core’, SNSD have shown the performance of their title song ‘Oh!’, and “SHOW! SHOW! SHOW!’. First off on their ‘SHOW! SHOW! SHOW!’ performance, they brought attention of the viewers with their Magician hat, lavish perm hair, and hot pants which signified their sexiness.
Continued with their ‘Oh!’ stage, they brought attention of the viewers with a cheerleader uniform with hot pants, and blue and yellow ponytail hairstyle.

Especially when the music video of ‘Oh!’ was released, netizens gave names on its specific choreography, like “Cow Herding dance”, “Twisted Bread Stick dance”, and “Crane Leg dance”. Also SNSD has received explosive responses for their teaser, music release, music video and album release even before their official comeback; and has dominated various music charts and has already started a ‘Oh!’ syndrome that is sweeping the music industry and garnering much attention.

SNSD have stated their feelings towards their comeback stage “We are very fluttered to greet you guys with a new song and a stage. Please support our 2nd album ‘Oh!’ and since we will be showing off our different selves through various activities, please continue to cheer us on.”

Following with 30th ‘Show! Music Core’ , SNSD are planning to present their comeback stage on SBS “Inkigayo” .

Credits to: http://news.mk.co.kr/ (Reporter: Lee Hyun Woo) <nobodyin@mk.co.kr>
translated by: soCOOL@soshified.com
Source: [LINK HERE]


IMO: The blackout was about 6 or 7 seconds, and I think their system went blacked out coz, it just couldn’t handle the smexyness and power of the soshis. lolz XD

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