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SNSD’s Oh! Tops the Charts!!!

The group Girls’ Generation, which has become popular with hit songs such as “Gee” and “Tell Me Your Wish,” already has another hit on their hands this year.

On January 26, the title song of their second album “Oh!” ranked number one at many musical sites such as Melon, Lunch Box, Bugs and Cyworld Music, within a single day of the song’s release.

In addition, Yes 24, which is a sales site of recorded music, announced the group’s second album is topping the sales by subscription and overall sales charts.

The Yes 24 official said, “One thousand one hundred albums have been sold in 10 hours as pre-orders. This album seems to have taken off faster than the Girls’ Generation’s ‘Gee’ and ‘Tell Me Your Wish.'”

Girls’ Generation took the top spot on the charts of different music sites and broadcast music programs during several weeks last year, and they gained popularity with middle-aged fans as well as younger generations. They are continuing their trend of big hits with their latest song, “Oh!”

The title song “Oh!” — which was written by songwriter Kenzi — is a unique and cheerful electronic pop tune featuring catchy lyrics. In addition, SM Entertainment said that Korea’s hottest musicians — including E-Tribe, who composed the hit song “Gee,” as well as Kenzi — have written songs for the second album, which contains a total of 12 songs from different genres.

SM Entertainment said, “The song ranked first on one portal sites’ hourly chart and became popular immediately after the song was released. The group has attained fresh popularity whenever they have released songs such as ‘Girls’ Generation,’ ‘Kissing You,’ and ‘Baby Baby.'”

The music video of “Oh!” will be released on January 27. Girls’ Generation will actively promote the video through the MBC TV music program “Show! Eumakjungsim,” which is hosted by group members Tiffany and Yuri.

Source : KBSGlobal

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