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Super Junior “SuperShow 2” Live in Manila *2nd Update*

~*This is a repost from the Organizers at Facebook*~


as for this moment, We are exerting all our efforts to adjust everything and be able to take all of you in Araneta Coliseum… We are negotiating with both SM Ent. and Araneta for the best possible way we could all be accommodated.

Re reservations, we are already collating all your reservations okay? Although i dont reply, I still got them, so please dont PM me too much.. Im going crazy 🙂

Regarding seat preferences, refer to the seat plan and decide… Do not rush us because the purpose of this page is to let you have chance to save up before we start calling. Once we do, and you cannot, you will feel bad lang.. so please be patient and just wait for further announcements.

Just dont worry, everyone who PM’d their reservations are all registered. And will be considered and contacted.

Thank you.

RE: Blogs with info about the SS2 in Manila. Thank you guys for spreading the word out, BUT, some details are exaggerated and MAY / CAN disappoint others if its not true. So, please avoid spreading wrong info.. it will harm avid fans and those who are hoping.

RE: Clubs. We are NOT associated with any clubs. We respect all clubs and their purposes and mission.. But WE DO NOT associate ourselves with any. And WE DO NOT require you to be in a club to be able to reserve.


1. PM me in my Personal Account : Happee Sy (just put your name, contact details and preferences) All PM’s are received, no need to confirm, just cannot reply to each and everyone.

2. Wait. Patiently.

3. Regularly Check on the Pulp Live Productions Group Page Events for SuJu Concert for updates on reservation listing..for sequences of when you’ll be contacted

4. When you see your names, please double check the layout, seat prices, and quantities you would like to reserve, and write it down so you wont forget. (No need to contact me)

5. When you are contacted, further details will be given to you personally. So you CAN ALWAYS CHANGE your previous PM’s reservations.. So no need to worry.

6. After reservations had been finalized, you will be sent a reservation paper with code.

7. You will be give 2 days to settle payment respectively.

8. Once payment had been processed, your tickets will be available for pick up. (location to be announced after)

9. If payments werent received during the time given, slot will be open for others to reserve and purchase.

10. The End. Thank you.

Thanks for your patience.

** I will still continue to receive and accept your PM but please understand that if from the first batches the SVIP’s or the other nearer seats have been taken, I can only offer you the others ok? thanks **

Guys, this link is for the reservation for those who lives at ILOILO ONLY… dont use this if you’re not from there or else your reservations will be forfeited



We’re starting to send email letters to the people who reserved first… so please wait for your turn…. For those who knows the email address, you cant send email to that address for your questions… It is mainly for us to contact you…

To those who we haven’t contacted yet

Please make sure that your seat preference is already finalize because most of the people we contacted kept changing their seats…

~ Will update again anytime soon~

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