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SNSD is coming back with Full Album ‘Oh!’ on the 28th

reporter Hong Donghae

Nation’s girl group SNSD is coming back.

SNSD revealed today that they will be coming back on the 28th with a full album titled ‘Oh!’

SNSD has conquered the stages, CFs, advertisements and more with hit songs ‘Gee’, and ‘Tell me your Wish’. Now it’s just a matter of time before we see what kind of hit they will release next. This next title album ‘Oh!’ is written by the renown Kenzie in an electric pop genre. This energy filled album will reveal a trend that only SNSD is capable of portraying. There is also a song in which SNSD’s confessions are made (to the public/fans) in a cute and honest way.

SNSD’s comeback stage will take place on MBC’s Music Core on the 30th. Whenever they come-back, they bring with them (of course) a new album, a hit song, choreography, and fashion. Interest in SNSD is once again on the rise.

On the other hand, SNSD is preparing for their first encore stage at Seoul Olympic Park on February 27,28th.

Written by: Hond donghee @heraldm.com
Translated by: kpxsammyboy @soshified.com/forums

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