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[Translation] YoonA – MTV Girls On Top Season 2 (01/10/10)

YoonA: Hello, I am MTV Girls On Top Season 2’s 6th guest, mature and not childish, YoonA!

Then starts the rundown of the major highlights in SNSD’s history since debut to the present and YoonA’s acting history.

Debut Story…

YoonA: Ever since I was young I had an interest in acting. I’d follow dance moves and copy stars for fun.

I tagged along with a friend who was auditioning and from there, I became SNSD.

She is then asked to sing a bit of the song she auditioned with (Please by WAX). She was super embarrassed afterwards, haha.

She then talked about her 4 years of training and the memories she has during those times with the other members which included: practicing late at night, sleeping in the practice rooms together, dragging a sofa from the first floor to the third floor to rest on, and sharing food boxes with one another. Most of you have probably heard these repeatedly. She says such memories could not happen like they did nowadays because the feeling of training back then and now are different.

She was then asked about any hard times she experienced during training.She doesn’t think she had any rough experiences besides having one major slump. When asked to talk about the slump, she said that it was just a time when she really didn’t want to train, so she stopped for awhile because practice wasn’t going well for her. But quickly, she wanted to go right back into it and her motivation intensified.

Next, a montage of several staffers, directors, reporters, and the like talked about their initial impression of YoonA. Mostly the comments were alike. About how they thought she was very beautiful, looked innocent, youthful, and bright. Also, when asked which song would be SNSD’s most shining song, two of them said it would be “Into the New World.”

Into the New World…

YoonA then talks about “Into the New World.” The concept to her was ‘energy’ because it was filled with energy and the spirit of girl’s strength/power. It had the feeling of giving strength and the ability to energize people. And as for their first performance, she said that after the performance, all the members started to cry as the whole process of recording, practicing, and performing the song, was long and took a lot from them. When they performed on stage, all the member’s families came to see and it made her emotional and made her realize that “Wow, I really did debut.”

Back then, for her as soon as the song starts (that intro instrumental part) it made her feel excited. And now, that heart-pounding excitement is still there and is stronger.

Girls’ Generation…

During the time they promoted “Girls’ Generation,” she thinks that’s when they garnered alot of their samchon (uncle) fans. They showed a very girlish and pretty style concept from the concept they did for ITNW.

For the music video, they were gathered as a band but it was the dance that became the life of the song. Many people knew the song before as it was a remake of Lee Seung Chul’s song. It was fascinating to her because people would be able to follow along to the song since they already knew it.

Kissing You…

For Kissing You, it became a “how cute!” kind of concept where it was much more sweeter compared to SNSD. It was something new to them with the whole ‘holding the lollipops’. In the beginning, they were suppose to hold real candy but they would break when they would accidentally collide with others candy, and so fake candy was made. Even with the fake candy, there were times that the head would fall off and they would end up holding sticks, or they would get squished up. There were also times where they would have to ask the managers for the candy quickly because they forgot to bring it with them to the stage.

Acting career…

For YoonA, with all the CFs, music videos, movies, and drama auditions put together, it would total up to 200 or so. When she got her role in 9end 2outs it was before SNSD debuted and she wanted to try hard at acting and did her very best during that time as it was her first role. During the first shooting she was really amazed and fascinated at the set thinking, “Ah, so this is how a drama is shot.” She then went on to explain her character for that role. Next, came her role in Woman of Matchless Beauty and she talked about how different the character was from that of 9end 2 outs. And from that short role came, You’re My Destiny which brought out her popularity. For her, since she didn’t have have experience prior to the long-term drama she felt worried and burdened but it also made her work harder. She talks about the episode she had to wear a wedding dress for the first time and how weird it felt for her.

In YoonA’s opinion, acting angry is the hardest for her. Crying is hard at times because the tears wouldn’t come out but acting angry is hardest.

During, You’re My Destiny, the scene where she asks for help because she can’t see is the most embarrassing for her as it was the first days of shooting and the acting was awkward. And the most memorable episode for YoonA would be towards the end, where her real mother dies in the drama. It shocked her (that the mother was to die) and because of the situation and the fact that perhaps it was towards the end of the drama so her acting got better, she thought her acting was at it’s best for that scene.

Translation Credits to: nincombooblovesoshi.blogspot.com

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