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[Translation] YoonA – MTV Girls On Top Season 2 (01/16/10)

2nd Part


Ever since she could remember, she has had an interest and felt like she would go down the path as a singer/actress. She also has an interest in cooking/culinary arts and could have went down this path also.

She hasn’t cooked too much but recently she has made kimchi. The first one she made ended up being so thick it was bread-like but the next one was much better. It was her first time making it so far.


The interview goes on to talk about Gee which shook the very foundation of the Korean music industry. It was like a reintroduction of SNSD and also felt like SONE fans were waiting for so long for them and because of this they worked harder to prepare and the feedback went very well. For YoonA, it was fascinating to see so many people come to learn the dance and wear the fashion for Gee.

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)…

The concept for Genie was to grow and mature them from what felt like a high-school girl feel to a more college womanly feel. The fashion concept was to be more provocative and sexy (wearing hot pants/short shorts and high heels) from that of the very girlish or “sonyuh”-type image they used for previous songs since the beginning. For YoonA, having a uniform-look as a group is much more pretty or good to look at.

Nam Choding…

YoonA wants to continue to be thought as mature and womanly though as of recent times she has taken on the kid-ish (choding) character thanks to fellow members who think she is like a playful little boy. And so she wants to show herself more as grown woman and not as a choding.

Cinderella Man…

The interview then shifted to talking about her acting in Cinderella Man. For YoonA, though she felt lucky to have such an impressive actor (Kwon Sang Woo) to act with, she felt like she didn’t prepare enough for the role and so it was disappointing. The character she played for Cinderella Man and the character she played for YAMD were very similar in that they both experienced hard times but also worked very hard. YoonA thinks that the hardest part of acting as Seo Yeojin was her career as a fashion designer as she didn’t know much about that field.

Then the talk goes back to mention YAMD which was already talked about previously. Nothing new or too interesting was said that hasn’t already been said before.

For future roles, she would like to play a character who is much more brighter and happier than her previous roles and around her age.

YoonA’s CF Charm…

Question: What makes YoonA so charming in CFs?

YoonA: I’m not too sure myself but perhaps because I’m pure? (awkward laugh) No, maybe it’s just that I have this clean/tidy-image I guess? I’m rather curious myself.

Question: What is the most memorable CF you have done?

YoonA: Perhaps it is when I’m together with the others because filming is always fun. Like the Gubne Chicken CF. Awhile back we did a CF together with Super Junior for a drink and it was very fun.

Then the Innisfree CF was talked about in detail. Because of YoonA’s image she was chosen to appear in it. For YoonA it was also very fascinating for her as models for beauty product CFs are usually very beautiful and impressive unnies (older sisters) and to think she was chosen to be one of them made her feel like she should work hard and she did.

A type of CF YoonA wants to do is a youthful and bright chocolate CF. (She laughs in embarrassment after she’s asked to do a small example)

YoonA’s image…

To summarize what a few people said in the interview:
Other than YoonA as an actress, the natural side of YoonA is very alluring and is naturally open, womanly, and pure and so whatever she does, be it CFs or what have you, she can easily capture such characteristics and does a very good job at it. Her expressions and poses harmonize well with whatever she is modeling.

Where is one place you would like to have a shoot at?

YoonA: Somewhere abroad/overseas. I’d like to have a shoot at a beautiful water body or Paris in a stunning scenery.

Suddenly it gets more candid when YoonA reveals that she hasn’t even gone to America (lol, was she not present for atleast one Hollywood Bowl in Cali?).

PD: Haven’t you gone overseas alot?

YoonA: Only around Asia…

PD: We are going overseas for the next season/show(?).

YoonA: You should have gone this time… (disappointed)

PD: But you are always so busy…

YoonA: Yeah I know right?? [To the manager oppa] What’s up with that!?
I really want to go…

Next, several people (staff, directors, stylists, reporters) talk about YoonA.
What makes her beautiful and standout; her charm. Varied answers include: Her laugh, her clear skin, and her eyes that have a charming sparkle and “aegyo fat/skin” underneath (she herself thinks her eyes are her charm point).

Then she is asked is a few questions to wrap up the show.

Question: What is your complex?

YoonA: A complex that I thought of awhile ago would be my feet. My feet aren’t exactly girly and are on the bigger side, so I don’t like being barefoot too much. I wish I could wear smaller, cuter shoes.

Question: What is fashionable?

YoonA: Something that matches and is brought together well. Something that looks good on the person.

Question: Thoughts on the male celebrities who think you are their ideal type?

YoonA: I was surprised by the many male celebrities who picked me or showed interest in me. Usually I would meet them for the first time on the show and to hear them say these praises makes me thankful. Because they are so cool and handsome, to think that they picked me makes me feel very happy.

Question: You’re ideal type?

YoonA: My ideal type is someone who is gentle and comfortable to be around. A person who is soft on the eyes. Manly guys aren’t quite my type.

Question: Thoughts on marriage?

YoonA: For me, seeing Sean (from Jinusean) and his wife like that makes me want to get married. I want to meet a good person, feel loved, and live happily.

Question: What’s a song that really excites you?

YoonA: For me, it’s Keyshia Cole’s LOVE. Whenever I have my mp3 on, this is the one song that excites me. Please take a listen to it.

The show ends with final words of others on YoonA as well as final words from YoonA.

YoonA: The side of me you see now is well accepted but as time goes by I would like to show a side of me that matches well as I grow little by little.

Translation Credits to: nincombooblovesoshi.blogspot.com

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