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[Hisashi Kondo Diary] 2010.01.10 – sample for GLORIA CDs- a pleasantly cool sensation!!

A pleasantly cool sensation!!

Today, the sample for GLORIA  arrived!!

Limited edition and regular edition!!

Icchi~  Thank you!!
It’s almost time eh!!

Which reminds me!!

My Dokutsubo blog post on 7th January,
the GLORIA /YUI report one,

Seems like people who are reading through their cellphones
have been saying that there are too many pages.

I’m sorry?

I don’t really know what’s the cause of it.

Even though everyone took the trouble to visit Dokutsubo.

I feel like printing out the pages and personally mail them to everyone…

Also, for the many message mails and New Year Greetings,
thank you very much!

And there were a lot of questions being asked as well.

I’ll just answer one of them quickly!!

☆Regarding the album release time frame

Since I have not talked about it in detail with YUI,
nor Boss, nor Icchi☆

So I can’t answer that too specifically.

Currently, we’re still undergoing pre-production,
The song creation process.

(but honestly, it’s like that throughout the year)

We’re still in the state of catching up with everything
Up till the recording process.

But no matter how rushing it is,
I believe there is enough time till the goods have to be delivered.

Beyond this point, it will take at least 3 months
but within this 1 year…

…can everyone accept this kind of answer?

‘1 week after GLORIA’s release,
an official notice about the album!!’
I can tell you for sure that there would NOT be something like that…

I’m sorry.

Also, questions about tour and such
Even if you ask me…

So, the real information,
I’m sure will be announced officially.
Please wait for it patiently alright.


Was that too serious?
Or a question that makes you laugh?

Questions on stuff that are difficult to talk about,
There are quite a lot of them here for the past few days

How can I debut as an artist?
Surprisingly, there are quite a lot of questions like this too.

About this,
First thing you can try is by sending Icchi☆san a demo tape I suppose.

…can everyone accept this kind of answer?

I’m sorry.


Original Article here
Translated by: Fujii_Itsuki

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